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Documentaries about the greatest figures of American post-modern dance.

Making Dances: Seven Post-Modern Choreographers

Director: Michael Blackwood (1980)

2019.  April 15. 6pm
Hungarian premier | Trafoclub | 90+30 min | 500 HUF

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Douglas Dunn, Kenneth King, Trisha Brown, Lucinda Childs, David Gordon, Meredith Monk, Sarah Rudner.

In the early 1960’s, the world of dance was experiencing a shift and making room for free and experimental movement. With many people still considering dance to mean solely ballet and other contrived genres, the seven choreographers featured in “Making Dances” faced trials and tribulations when working in the postmodern movement. Showing audiences that dance meant truthful expression of the body as opposed to defined, labeled movements were innovators such as Merce Cunningham and Robert and Judith Dunn. The choreographers we follow in “Making Dances” discuss the inspiration of past artists and the ways in which postmodern dance found its place in the midst of cultural revolution. Through their experimentation with speech and non linear storytelling, choreographers of the postmodern movement introduced a new, breathtaking form of expression. They take us through their creative process and welcome us into the intimate rehearsal space where their concepts are brought to life.

Curator of the film: Marcia B. Siegel
Partner: Michael Blackwood Productions
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