2018.10.12. | All We Can Do Is Dance – Budapest

All We Can Do Is Dance – Budapest
/ a dance film project

2018 October 12,  6.30pm  |  Premier screening at French Institute, Budapest

Performers: Berger Gyula, Cuhorka Emese, Fülöp László, Ladjánszki Márta, Lőrinc Katalin, Nagy Csilla, Rózsavölgyi Zsuzsa, Újvári Milán, Vadas Zsófia Tamara, Vass Imre

All we can do is dance is a series of dance films based on the idea is to meet dancers in a place with a strong visual impact and to film a dance improvisation in one sequence shot. It is about highlighting the singularity of each performer and work together on a short dance video. The principle of the series is to work each time with the spontaneity of the moment, to encourage improvisation as a tool to explore and capture movement. Each video is thus like a pas de deux between the camera operator and the dancer. Each video is based on a principle of collaboration. The particular rhythm of each video comes from the encounter, chance and each new place as a setting. Passers-by, nature, urban furnitures, each element can become a pretext to play for the dancer, a staging element for the cameraman. The series is driven by the desire to create each time a very unique moment, captured in its spontaneity and its possible imperfections. The result is always surprising and sensitive.

After Paris, Brussels and London, the project arrives to Budapest and let us discover well-known sights or hidden corners of the city through the eyes of local choreographers.

Shooting period: 2018 October 5-11

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Directors, producers: Bertrand Guerry, Thibaut Ras (FR)
Production assistant: Marie Pons (FR)

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