2017.07.21 – 09.03. | Exhibition | Geometric Generations


Date: 2017, July 21 – September 3
Place: FUGA Budapest Center of Architecture
[1052 Budapest, Petőfi Sándor utca 5.]
Opening: 2017, July 20, 19:00
Speech: Mészáros Zsolt, art historian

Exhibiting artists: Dobó Krisztina, Forgó Árpád, Jerzy Grochocki, Haász István, Halmi-Horváth István, Marafkó Bence, Somfai Rezső

The group exhibition presents the works of six Hungarian contemporary artists along with the works of Jerzy Grochocki (1931) for whom it will be the first showing in Hungary. By discovering the possible relations, the exhibitions is trying to point out the parallels and different directions in the artists’ various approach within the field of geometric art.

Supported by the Polish Institute, Budapest