JAPAN-HUNGARY / exhibition

Budapest VII #2 | 100x100x2.5cm, oil on wood, 2014 | photo: Karmatik Photography

Budapest VII #2 | 100x100x2.5cm, oil on wood, 2014 | photo: Karmatik Photography

Exhibiting artists: Yuko Sakurai (J), András Bernáth (H), Gábor Erdélyi (H), Tamás Kopasz (H)

FLUX Gallery, 1093 Budapest, Lónyai u. 31.
Opening: 5 February 2015, 19:00

Speech: Anna Bálványos – art historian
Music: Endre Kertész, Albert Márkos – cello
Delicious wine will be served by Katona Winery.
The exhibition is on view till 27 February 2015.

Open: Tuesday-Friday 15:00-19:00

Yuko Sakurai has spent one month in Budapest as the resident artist of Parallel Foundation. The exhibition at the FLUX Gallery presents the artworks born during the program.

Budapest, Hiroshima, Klauzál tér, Szentendre, Tsuyama, Ueno. Such are the names of some of Yuko Sakurai’s most recent works. Chosen for places, districts, and regions in Japan and Hungary, they are anything but arbitrary and interchangeable. For the artist, titles are an integral component of her work. They point directly to the fact that the numerous journeys she has been making for many years are of central significance for her art. Yuko Sakurai has lived for longer periods in the Netherlands, in Miami, Venice, and France (at the moment she lives in Montrouge near Paris), and her travels have led her throughout Europe, many parts of the USA, and repeatedly, to Japan. Her artistic concept explicitly consists in experiencing the cities, places, and landscapes she visits, as well as her encounters with the people she meets there, which she translates into a subjective artistic language of forms.*

„With the Budapest works, I have chosen a very specific location for my subject, the place where I lived during my residency. The subjects have to do with the experiences I gathered during my 28 days there and which constituted my life in Budapest. Hungary is the country the furthest east that still has Central European Time. There is more than an hour’s difference for sunrise and sunset if you compare it with Paris. I like the way it feels to recognize we live in different places on earth. I woke up before sunrise and felt the different light in Budapest.
It was a very subtle pleasure for me to be able to feel such differences in nature. Natural light, “the sun”, is also very important in my life in general, and not only for my art.” – Yuko Sakurai

Sakurai has met András Bernáth, Gábor Erdélyi and Tamás Kopasz Hungarian visual artists through studio visits. The dialogue between the artists resulted in a parallel exhibition, that will open the same day at the FLUX Gallery.

Artist-in-residence program organiser: Parallel Foundation
Partners: FLUX Gallery, Gregersen Art Point, Open Art Studios’ Afternoon
Thanks to: Balassi Institute – Hungarian Institute, Paris
Supported by The Japan Foundation
Contact: http://www.fluxgaleria.com, fluxgaleria@gmail.com, http://www.parallelfoundation.com
* text: Peter Lodermeyer

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