7414209_origAIR | 2 Oct – 4 Nov 2014
Open Studio | 28 Oct, 18:00 | Park Studio, II János Pál pápa tér 16.
Exhibition | 5-26 Nov 2014 | Opening | 4 Nov 2014, 18:00
FLUX Gallery, 1093 Budapest, Lónyai u. 31.

The work of Andrew Leslie attempts to question the way perception is driven by the frameworks of contemporary society and culture. Through the language of geometric abstraction, simple relationships between colour, form and materiality (or lack thereof) are used to make the viewer query what they are seeing and therefore the process by which seeing is constructed.
As part of his current project, he has developed a system where wall-based objects use a hidden painted surface to project simple images onto the supporting wall using ambient light. If the viewer looks at the work from a traditional viewpoint all that is visible is the object. If they are prepared to take a radical position, i.e., to approach the work in a lateral way, an ephemeral space appears where the wall “disappears,” and new information is revealed. The position of the viewer, the time of day, the nature of the space, the supporting wall and the reflected images are all fundamental. The interaction between the viewer and these painted objects acts as a model for the process by which we understand the world around us.

Andrew Leslie (born 1956) is a painter/sculptor with a keen grasp of the history and continuum of painting. He currently works in acrylic on anodised aluminium. His interest in perceptual illusions asks questions of the viewer as to the nature of painting and its relationship to form and sculpture.