Café Dance Commando 2013

Cipolla Collectiva

Cipolla Collectiva

Organised in co-operation with Café Budapest Contemporary Arts Festival, this time Dance Commando envades popular cafés in Budapest.


HODWORKS: Terrárium
. When: 2013 October 15. 21:00

. Where: Kirakat Bistro
Concept, director: Hód Adrienn
Creators, performers: Cuhorka Emese, Garai Júlia, Vadas Zsófia Tamara
“Man. Animal. Transformation. Abstraction. Dream. Play.”

Cipolla Collectiva: SUPER COVER – the life insurance
. When: 2013 October 17, 21:00

. Where: Mika Tivadar Mulató
Creators – performers: Nagy Csilla & Bernáth Atom Tamás
“How to collapse in a perfectly professional way? How to hit the floor with maximum efficiancy? How to scramble to your feet with impudent style? How to this easily and gratifyingly, on a daily basis, in the park, on the underground, in shops, at the post office, in bars and in bed? And WHY???”

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