Dance for All! 2012

This year’s edition is held at very special places: in the courtyard of Kassak Museum (Zichy-palace) in Budapest and on the beach of Lake Velencei in Agard, Hungary.
The Kassák Museum launches an exhibition series entitled Life Reform and Social Movements in Modernity. The first showing of the series – Shifting. Worker Culture and Life Reform in the Madzsar School – opens at the museum on 22 June 2012.
On three Sundays in August the Body Moving group puts visitors on the move in outdoor classes in Dance for All!For one day, the program moves to Agárd to join Gödör Kemping Multidisciplinary Cultural Festival.


08.05. Budapest
16-17h Ladjánszki Márta: “keep on Horton”
17-18h Art of Movement | Fenyves Márk – Pálosi István: Art of Movement today (synthesis class)
18-19h Grecsó Zoltán: Contemporary Dance
19-20h Koronczi-Pintér Ágnes: Bollywood Dance
08.19. Budapest
16-17h Rubi Anna – Haklik Márta: Ashtanga Yoga
17-18h Art of Movement | Fenyves Márk – Pálosi István: Voile Dance
18-19h Berger Gyula: Poetry in motion
19-20h Hevér Zsófia: Hip-hop
08.25. Agárd (!)
12-13h Berger Gyula: Poetry in motion I.
13-14h Zadam: Contemporary Dance
14-15h Urban Dance Team: Locking
15-16h Berger Gyula: Poetry in motion II.
08.26. Budapest
16-17h Gál Eszter: Release technique
17-18h Art of Movement | Fenyves Márk – Pálosi István: Disk Dance
18-19h Máthé Gabriella: Contemporary Dance
19-20h Urban Dance Team: Locking

The program in Budapest is realised in co-operation with Kassák Museum.
The exhibition is part of 20!2 KASSÁK YEAR event series.
Supported by National Cultural Fund.
Gödör Kemping | 2012. augusztus 21-26. Agárd, Park Strand Kemping