Shortwave 1.

Contemporary dance variations on a theme

29 / April / 2012 / 20:00
MU Theatre  
(1117 Budapest  Kőrösy József utca 17, T: 06 1 209-4014)

8 choreographers – 1 theme – 1 day

Parallel Foundation launches a new dance series in April 2012.
The organiser invites Hungarian choreographers to a one-day journey into the world of improvisation, where everything is happening by a strict scenario.

Improvisation is the genre where mental and physical characteristics of a choreographer, performer could appear the most, where each input could have several outputs, where decision is always prompt, where risk has its justification and where failure can be taken, too.

On the first event of Shortwave, eight artists will try his luck and jump into the unknown.

The choreographers, as well as the audience, will get to know the theme at 10am on the day of the performance. Ten hours will be at their disposal to work out the structure of a five-minute improvisational session. Each will have only 30 minutes on stage to rehearse and the rest of the time they can spend working in a studio, at home or even in a café.

In the evening audience will see the etudes in a coincidental order, where we can only be sure in one thing: the starting point. What we will see is surprise maybe not only for the viewer but for the artists too. At the end we will be invited to vote for the best production.

Choreographers, performers:
Batarita, the translucent tunnel of the impersonal innards.
Eszter Gál, the expert of releasing and weight lifting.
Márta Ladjánszki, who considers emotions and thoughts the skeleton of the physical.
Katalin Lengyel, the always moving activator.
Tímea Maday, the mistress of landings and flows.
István Pálosi, the reformer of the art of movement.
Imre Vass, the body-space-gravity fighter.
Ádám Zambrzycki, the thousand-face player.



Photos by Gábor Dusa