3 P – Performance / Place / Public

As an addition to its artistic programme in 2011, PLACCC Festival in collaboration with CEU – Center for Arts and Culture organises two debates which deal with the issues of site-specific performance, spectatorship and the non-conventional, artistic use of selected urban places and spaces.

We use a very simple notion as our point of departure, that of the 3 P – Performance / Place / Public – often used by critics to define location-based artistic proposals. Site-specific performances are essentially created in the intersection of these three considerations which are linked not only from an aesthetical perspective, but also often from a social and political point of view.

By inviting international artists and professionals to participate in the discussion we wish to focus on artistic and curatorial practices in other countries, especially ones in which location-based performances have a long history and a wide range of festivals that support such artistic proposals (i.e. Netherlands), as well as countries of the Central and Eastern European region who are still faced by the challenge of promoting artistic creation in public space and raising awareness of these „relatively new“ artisic approaches, similarly to the situation in Hungary.

The two afternoon sessions on 28 September shall include presentations by international guests introducing their work and approach to the audience and then will conclude in a moderated discussion with participating speakers.

The talks are open to all and aim to be an informal opportunity to come together, discuss and exchange, as well as get to know actors of the international scene for local professionals and general public alike.

In English with Hungarian translation.

More information about PLACCC Festival:

Programme – 28 September 2011

2 PM – 4 PM – Public / Spectatorship Re-visited

Moderator: Hilde Teuchies (CREW, BE)

Speakers: Eric Joris (CREW, BE), Sebastian Quack (Invisible Playground, D), Michikazu Matsune and David Subal (Matsune & Subal, A)

5 PM – 7 PM – Performance and Place / Site-specific Curatorial Practices

Speakers: Piet Zeeman (Fund for Performing Arts, NL), Pavel Storek (Four Days in Motion Festival, CZ), Marie Viltoft Poli  (Metropolis Biennale, DK), Laura Panait (Colectiv A / Temps d’Images Festival, RO), Kees Lesuis (Oerol Festival, NL), Christian Potiron (Use the City Festival, SK)