Dance Commando Tour

Photo: Gyorgy CSERKUTI

Photo: Gyorgy CSERKUTI

Dance Commando Tour | “black-white-yes-no”

Dates: 24-25-26 August 2011
Performances start at 5 and 7 pm

Meeting point: Városháza Square, 5th disctrict

The best of the Hungarian contemporary dance scene will show you how to take dance out into the open, into the sites of our everyday lives, into different urban spaces.

This years’ Dance Commando is a co-production between three professional Hungarian dance companies: Bloom!, HODWORKS and The Symptoms. The dramaturg of this extraordinary performance walk is Petra Ardai, co-founder and director of Space theatre company from The Netherlands.

Each day Dance Commando departs from Városháza square and enters into one of the most eclectic and exciting parts of the city. With the playful title, black-white-yes-no, referring to a children’s word game in Hungarian, the performance walk aims to show the city from a totally different and new perspective and there will be no lack in surprising dance actions on the way. Reality is re-visited and re-cast by the participating artists: the city around us gets new contours and hidden corners and aspects are revealed. The production blends into the everyday urban landscape, but at the same time adds a playful twist to our daily routine. The performers, the audience, the passers-by and the streets themselves become part of the performance in order to whisk us away into a surreal and magical fantasyland. Come, be a part of the game and join us on a thought-provoking experience that will open your senses to living the city in a different way!

Please register for Dance Commando in advance by giving the date and time of the performance you would like to see at

Supported by the National Cultural Fund and Gödör Club – Culture Center and Club of Erzsébetváros
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