Art with a View 3.

pont_muhely_Art_with_a_ViewPont Workshop: Coackroaches
28 May 2010, 17:30-18:30

In February 2010 Parallel Foundation in co-operation with Platan Gallery launched Art with a view, a new series aims to excite artistic imagination and give room to creative energies. Artists are not invited to make an evening performance, but to try new forms and formats, to be adventurous and experiment with a non-theatrical space. The conceived actions and performances not only relate to the site and to the unique setting of the gallery on Andrássy Street, but also to the host institution, the Polish Cultural Institute, as each artist is asked to make a Polish connection, in any playful or abstract way they wish. For the public Art with a view is an exciting encounter with a choreographer or a theatre maker, often shedding new light on their artistic work.